Telephone numbers with prefix 09 6939 to PRH have been abolished

As of Monday 2 October 2017, all desk telephone numbers to PRH employees have the form 029 509 (0000). The previous extension numbers, which began with 09 6939, remain unchanged and are added after the new prefix 029 509.

The change is due to our new telephone system.

If you call our previous number that begins with 09 6939, you will hear an announcement asking you to call our telephone exchange.

If you call a number in Finland beginning with 029 509, you pay a local network charge for ringing from a desk telephone, or a mobile telephone charge for ringing from a mobile phone. When making a call from abroad, the local operator determines the rate.

The numbers to our client advisory service have already had the form 029 509 (0000), and they remain unchanged. Go to the PRH contact details.

Further information

PRH telephone exchange, tel. +358 29 509 5000

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Latest update 04.10.2017