Fee rise for notification search in Virre Information Service

We charge a fee for getting further details about a notification through the notification search in our Virre Information Service. This fee will rise on 1 December 2017. The fee covers getting details such as the processing information of a notification sent to the Trade Register, the details of the officer in charge and the details registered based on the notification.

The new fee is as follows:

  • Notification search: 0.54 € + 0.13 € (VAT 24%), selling price 0.67 €

  • Notification search 0.27 € + 0.06 € (VAT 24%), selling price 0.33 €

You can use the notification search to search for notifications filed with the Trade Register, the Register of Foundations and the Register of Enterprise Mortgages. You can search by the Finnish Business ID of the company or foundation, or by the record number of the notification. The notification search helps you, for example, to follow the processing of your Trade Register notification.

The following details of notifications found through the search are free of charge: record number, type (for example, notification of changes), status, latest processing step, and Finnish Business ID and name of the company or foundation.

The other fees in Virre remain unchanged.
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Latest update 28.11.2017