PRH has deregistered companies that have not filed their financial statements for registration

The Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH) has removed from the Finnish Trade Register 1 557 limited liability companies and co-operatives that have not submitted their financial statements for registration within one year from the end of the financial period.

Deregistered companies

Lists of deregistered companies (pdf, 0.13 Mt)

The list in Excel format (xlsx, 0.06 Mt)

The deregistration procedure is based in each case on either the Finnish Limited Liability Companies Act (chapter 20, section 4) or the Finnish Co-operatives Act (chapter 23, section 4). Deregistration is conducted on the PRH’s initiative when a company has not fulfilled the obligation to file its financial statements for registration.

In August 2017, companies risking deregistration received a reminder letter from the PRH requesting them to file their financial statements for registration without delay.

In September 2017, the PRH made an entry of the reminder letter in the Trade Register record of the company and published a public notice in the Official Journal. In the public notice, the PRH requested companies to file their financial statements by 2 January 2018.

The PRH has also informed the companies of the procedure using a number of communication channels.

Companies that have now been deregistered did not file their financial statements by the deadline.

What happens after deregistration?

Deregistration means that the business is out of action. The representatives for a deregistered business can take measures necessary to repay debts or preserve the value of its assets. Read more about deregistration.

Please contact the Trade Register’s Advisory Service for further details. See contact details at the end of this announcement.

A company that has been removed from the Finnish Trade Register is dissolved through a tax procedure, which means that a current value is set on its assets and they are transferred. Normally, this will result in taxable income being generated for the business. A dissolution will normally involve tax consequences also for the shareholders. For more information about tax consequences, please contact the customer service of the Finnish Tax Administration. Go to the contact details of the Finnish Tax Administration.

Re-entry of removed company

You may apply for re-entry to the Finnish Trade Register. You must file your company’s financial statements for registration to be re-entered.

Please note that you must apply for re-entry within five years of the removal from the register.

How to apply

Write a free-form application to apply for re-entry. Provide the following information in the application: the name and Business ID of the company that you request to be re-entered on the register, and the applicant’s contact details.

The application is signed by the applicant, or by a person he or she has authorised. Submit a power of attorney if an authorised person signs the application.

Fill in and sign a form to register financial statements. Submit the form and copies of the financial statements together with your application. Please note that the forms to register financial statements are only available in Finnish and in Swedish. Go to the form in Finnish or in Swedish.

Send the application, the form and enclosures as scanned files to or by post to

Finnish Patent and Registration Office
Trade Register

For more information, please contact

Trade Register’s Advisory Service, tel. +358 29 509 5900, Mon - Fri 9.00 - 16.15

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