Limited liability companies and co-operatives: Submit your financial statements and your company avoids deregistration

The Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH) will send reminder letters to limited liability companies and co-operatives that have not submitted their financial statements for registration within one year from the end of the financial period.

The PRH can deregister even an active business if they – despite reminders – do not submit their financial statements, and there is no basis for ordering the business into liquidation.

The deregistration procedure is based in each case on either the Finnish Limited Liability Companies Act (chapter 20, section 4) or the Finnish Co-operatives Act (chapter 23, section 4). All limited liability companies and co-operatives must draw up financial statements for each financial period, even if they are not carrying out business.

Financial statements that are submitted with the tax return, as instructed by the Finnish Tax Administration, are being forwarded to the Finnish Trade Register. In our Virre Information Service, you can check free of charge if your company’s financial statements have been registered at the Finnish Trade Register. Go to Virre Information Service.

How to proceed if you got a reminder letter?

If you want to keep your company in the Finnish Trade Register, fill in the enclosed form and attach your financial statement documents to it.

Filing of financial statements is free of charge. Your company may be removed from the Finnish Trade Register if you fail to react by the date given in the letter.

Read more about submitting financial statements to the Finnish Trade Register at

Reminder letter erroneously sent to deregistered companies – no measures required

This week, the PRH removed nearly 3,000 companies from the Finnish Trade Register which have not submitted their financial statements by the deadline. We have sent the companies a Trade Register extract about the deregistration.

Unfortunately, we also sent the companies a reminder letter by mistake requesting them to file their financial statements. If you have received a Trade Register extract about the deregistration of your company, you do not have to take any measures due to the reminder letter.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

What happens after deregistration?

A company cannot carry out business if it is removed from the Finnish Trade Register. Read more about deregistration.

A company that has been removed from the Finnish Trade Register is dissolved through a tax procedure. For more information about tax consequences, please contact the customer service of the Finnish Tax Administration. Go to the Finnish Tax Administration website

For more information, please contact:

Finnish Trade Register’s Advisory Service, tel. +358 29 509 5900, Mon - Fri 9.00 - 16.15

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Latest update 06.09.2018