Find out how to set up your company in Finland

How do I start a business in Finland? What type of residence permit do I need? Which taxes do I have to pay? Very relevant questions if you are interested in coming to Finland and setting up a company here.

Now there is immediate help available for you online 24/7 no matter where you live. Three Finnish government agencies - Immigration Service (Migri), Tax Administration (Vero) and the Patent and Registration Office (PRH) - came together to build a joint chatbot service, which helps you to set up your business in Finland. The service is based on three stand-alone chatbots working together, backed by artificial intelligence (AI).

Three chatbots help you together

Thanks to this joint project, PRH has a new customer service helper: our chatbot PatRek. It helps you with questions on how to set up a company. However, that is not all: PatRek has two chatbot colleagues: Kamu at Immigration Service and VeroBot at Tax Administration.

While chatting with PatRek you can access Kamu and VeroBot simultaneously in the same chat window. Depending on your questions, PatRek may suggest their services and ask you permission to transfer you over to Kamu or VeroBot. You can also ask for the other bots to take over, e.g. by typing “Migri" or “Vero" in its simplest form. It is one single channel at your service.

Is the service only for foreigners?

Our chatbots will help you even if you already live in Finland. Just keep in mind that the bots are trained to answer the most typical questions a foreigner (who does not know much about Finland) would ask. As for PRH services, PatRek can help you best with questions on setting up a company. He is not yet an expert in issues related to e.g. changes or termination of a business. Nevertheless, why not give it a try? It will not harm you, but just makes our bots learn new things!

Chat with PatRek on our website in English.

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Latest update 05.04.2019