From 1 May 2019, trademark applications and renewal applications can only be filed online

The new Finnish Trademarks Act entered into force on 1 May 2019. According to the Act, applications for the registration and renewal of a trademark must be filed online.

After the entry into force of the Act, the Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH) no longer accepts applications filed on paper or by email. This means such applications will not become pending nor get an application date. For example, if you apply to renew you trademark, your application will not become pending unless you file it using our online service. If you file the application on paper, we will ask you to withdraw it and file a new application online. We will refund the fees you have paid.

Exceptions only for special reasons

We can only accept registration and renewal applications filed on paper or by email for a special reason. In such special circumstances, you must give us your reasons in writing. Acceptable reasons could include a technical problem or an interruption to the data traffic, or that you have neither the required identification means nor any opportunity to obtain them. In contrast, merely not having the required identification means is not a sufficient reason.

New versions of our online services available from 2 May 2019

We will update our online services to comply with the requirements of the new Act on 2 May 2019, the first working day after the Act has entered into force. However, it is possible to file an application according to the new Act immediately on 1 May. In that case, you can use the field for additional information to specify your application, if necessary.

You will find the online services on our website at To use the services, you must first identify yourself via the service.

For more information please contact:
Ms Tuulimarja Myllymäki
Head Legal Adviser
Tel. +358 29 509 5399
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Latest update 01.05.2019