Key changes in the new Trademarks Act

The new Finnish Trademarks Act entered into force on 1 May 2019. Below you will find a summary of the key changes.

Only online applications and renewals

Currently you can apply for registration and renewal of trademarks using our online service only. The Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH) no longer accepts applications filed on paper or by email, except for special reasons. The new Act no longer recognises the option of renewing a trademark registration by only paying a fee, i.e. renewal by fee payment.

Specifying the list of goods and services of old registrations

If you applied to register your trademark before 1 January 2014, you may have the opportunity to specify the list of goods and services for the mark. Specify your list of goods and services at the latest when you apply to renew your trademark registration. It is important to specify the list. If you do not, the scope of protection for your trademark may be restricted.

New administrative procedure for revocation and declaration of invalidity

You can now apply for the revocation or invalidation of a trademark at the PRH through an administrative procedure. Alongside the new administrative procedure, you still have the chance to take legal action before the Market Court. Revocation of a trademark can be applied in situations where the trademark cannot function as a trademark after registration. One reason may be that in reality the trademark has not been used for the last five years.

New online services

In early May, the PRH introduced two new online services:

  • Applications concerning registered trademarks, which you can use to apply for changing details of registered trademarks and for specifying your list of goods and services, to file an opposition, or to apply for administrative revocation and invalidation.
  • A service, in which you can respond to an office action, complete an application or opposition and apply for extension. You can also use the service to cancel applications of oppositions.

Requirement for personal identity code

At present, trademark applicants and owners who are private persons must provide their personal identity code in their applications. The same holds true for all other private persons recorded in the Finnish Trademark Register, including agents and representatives or opponents.

The Trademark Gazette no longer publishes renewals and changes to registered trademarks

The Trademark Gazette no longer publishes renewals, restrictions in the scope of protection, transfers and other changes to registered trademarks. The new practice holds true for any renewals or changes submitted after the entry into force of the new Act, i.e. after 1 May 2019.

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