Our customer advisors are everyday heroes

This week the Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH) is celebrating Customer Service Week.

Customer Service Week originates from the United States and has now been celebrated also in Finland for some years. The objective is to highlight the importance of customer service and customer experience and acknowledge customer advisors for their great work.

Our customer advisors deal with more than 120 000 phone calls and 18 000 chat sessions, serve 18 000 customers at our office and reply to about 20 000 email queries every year. In addition, they deal with document orders, familiarize themselves with the new duties of the PRH, participate in projects and develop their competence all the time.

Plenty of positive feedback from telephone service customer surveys

This autumn our customer advisors achieved excellent ratings for their helpfulness and expertise in our customer satisfaction surveys about the Trade Register’s telephone service.

Our service also got plenty of positive feedback in writing:

  • “Friendly person, I was able to get the matter sorted out in one phone call and didn’t have to queue at all."
  • “Good and friendly service. More than I expected."

If something goes wrong

Our customer advisors are the first to notice if there are any problems or confusion in our services, notification processing times, or letters and instructions to the customers.

The customer service personnel need a good dose of empathy and ability to find solutions that satisfy the customer. In difficult situations, our customer advisors are everyday heroes who brighten up the customer’s day. Here are a couple of customer comments:

  • “Cheerful and lively customer advisor who made my irritation vanish although I found the online service troublesome and confusing."
  • “I received very friendly and competent service. The service person not only guided me in the matter I was calling about but further: I also got advice for the following steps in advance. Many thanks!"

We are using the expertise of our customer service personnel more and more in our development projects because we want to make sure right from the planning stage that the customer experience will be excellent. As a result, our customer service doesn't have to compensate for deficiencies afterwards as often. In our development work, we also get valuable help from our customers who give us feedback using the feedback form on our website, for example, or by participating in customer interviews. We appreciate the contribution very much.

For more information, please contact:
Ms Kirsi Lahtinen
Head of Customer and Information Services
Tel. +358 29 509 5808

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Latest update 09.10.2019