Coronavirus: deadlines for patents and utility models

In patents and utility models, there are various deadlines that have to be met. We understand that the coronavirus causes difficulties for our customers and therefore want to support applicants in all ways permitted by law. Below you will find more instructions on the deadlines.

The deadlines for responding to an office action or for filing statements are set out in our Patent Regulations and Utility Model Regulations. We can, at the request of the applicant, extend the deadline for special reasons. If you cannot meet the deadline because of the coronavirus, we consider it a special reason. The request, together with a statement of reasons, must be filed before the deadline the request concerns expires.

If the deadline is laid down by law, for instance concerning due dates of annual fees, priority year, or validation of European patents in Finland, we cannot extend the deadline. If an applicant suffers a loss of right, they can request restoration of rights as set out in the Finnish Patents Act and Act on Utility Model Rights (section 71a of the Patents Act and section 26a of the Act on Utility Model Rights).

Coronavirus: deadlines at EPO and WIPO:
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Ulkoinen sivusto, avautuu uuteen välilehteen

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