Parties who have filed a prohibition of registration can now consent to positions of responsibility in several companies

If you have filed a prohibition of registration with the PRH, you will not be registered as a person responsible for a company or an organisation without your specific consent. We will contact the company or organisation that filed you as a responsible person in order to arrange for your consent. You can now file your consent to a position of responsibility in several companies or organisations in one go.

For example, a board member can be a person in a position of responsibility.

Please note that the consent is always notification-specific, meaning that it only applies to the position of responsibility that the company or organisation has filed.

Use our online form to give your consent to a position of responsibility.

To use the online service, you need to have a Finnish personal identity code and either personal internet banking codes, a mobile certificate or an electronic identity card (HST card).

Read our instructions and proceed to the online form at to give your consent.

The prohibition of registration and requesting your consent apply to the following PRH registers: the Finnish Trade Register, the Finnish Register of Associations and the Finnish Register of Foundations.

For more information, please contact

Trade Register’s Advisory Service
Tel. +358 29 509 5900
Mon–Fri 9.00–16.15

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Latest update 01.10.2021