Quality of auditing

We oversee the quality of auditing and check it conforms to the law. We also supervise the activities of auditors and their professional competence. We carry out these tasks through regular investigations and quality inspections.

We oversee and direct auditors’ activities proactively. Centralized quality inspections ensure that all auditors and audit firms will be treated as equally as possible.

Our quality control of statutory audit increases the reliability of published economic data, and will protect the shareholders, investors, creditors, and other related parties.

Quality control in practice

Quality inspections

The quality inspections are included in our normal, continuous control measures.

We order auditor inspections as follows:

  • auditors of public interest entities at least every third year, and
  • auditors of other entities at least every sixth year.

Based on the inspections, we give recommendations and instructions or order the auditor to be inspected under an expedited procedure.

Auditors and audit firms must take our recommendations into account within a reasonable time. Quality inspections may also result in further control measures.


We may subsequently investigate the activities of auditors to see whether their activities conform to the law, either on our own initiative or in response to a request to do so.

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Latest update 22.06.2016