Notification of changes

The collective management organisations are required to publish and update the following information on their websites in Finnish and in Swedish:

  • the organisation’s statute (rules) or articles of association
  • its membership terms
  • the terms of termination of authorisation to manage rights
  • names of the persons in the supervisory body
  • name of the managing director or the other person referred to in section 17
  • standard licensing contracts and standard applicable tariffs, including discounts
  • its general policy on distribution of amounts due to right holders
  • its general policy on management fees
  • its general policy on deductions, other than in respect of management fees, from rights revenue and from any income arising from the investment of rights revenue
  • a list of the representation agreements it has entered into, and the names of the collective management organisations with which those representation agreements have been concluded
  • the general policy on the use of non-distributable amounts
  • the complaint handling and dispute resolution procedures available to the right holders and users.

If changes occur in the above details, the organisation must inform the PRH of them without delay once the new details have been published.

Please send your organisation’s notification of changes by email to registry(at)

For more information, call our legal adviser in copyright issues, tel. + 358 29 509 5327.

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Latest update 25.06.2019