Request for measures due to breach of Collective Management Act

A copyright holder, member of an organisation for collective management of copyright, user of copyright, or another organisation for collective management of copyright can file a request for measures with the PRH when they find that a collective management organisation’s action is breaching their rights.

There are seven organisations for collective management of copyright and related rights in Finland:

  • Finnish Composers' Copyright Society Teosto
  • Esittävien taiteilijoiden ja äänitteiden tuottajien tekijänoikeusyhdistys GRAMEX ry
  • Kopiosto ry
  • AV-tuottajien tekijänoikeusyhdistys Tuotos ry
  • Visuaalisen alan taiteilijoiden tekijänoikeusyhdistys Kuvasto ry
  • Sanasto ry
  • Näyttelijöiden tekijänoikeusjärjestö – Skådespelarnas upphovsrättsorganisation Filmex ry.

The PRH will examine the request. It may decide not to examine a case concerning a collective management organisation's action or negligence if

  • the request for measures is unfounded
  • the organisation has already taken measures to correct the deficiency
  • the action or negligence by the organisation only has minor significance.

The PRH may decide not to examine a request for measures if proceedings are already pending in the court or in the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority.

The PRH can issue a remark or warning to a collective management organisation that breaches the Copyright Collective Management Act. Remarks are given orally or in writing, while warnings are always issued in writing.

The PRH demands that the collective management organisation correct the deficiency or negligence within a reasonable time.

Please send your organisation’s request for measures by email to registry(at)

For more information, call our telephone exchange (+358 29 509 5000) and ask to be connected to our legal adviser in copyright issues.

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Latest update 29.05.2017