How to complete and revise financial statements filed with tax returns

You can complete and revise the financial statements you filed with your tax return until the end of your tax assessment. The tax assessment of a company ends within 6–10 months from the end of the financial period.

Revise your tax return online if you originally filed it online.

If you filed your tax return using paper forms, you can revise it in MyTax e-service online.

Enclose all financial statements again exactly as instructed by the Tax Administration.

Please note: The tax assessment can end before the company has confirmed its financial statements. Once the tax assessment of your company has ended, file the approved financial statements directly with the Trade Register. Go to our instructions: Filing financial statements directly with the Trade Register.

Revising your tax return does not remove the financial statement documents you have filed with the Trade Register earlier. The financial statements are public and available for example from the PRH Virre Information Service.

How to ask for revision of financial statements registered in the Trade Register

Primarily, the financial statements submitted to the Trade Register are public documents.
You can ask us to revise financial statement documents if they include information that is confidential under the law or if the financial statements have been registered incorrectly. For example, if the financial statement documents include another company’s documents or they have been registered for a wrong financial period, the financial statements have been registered incorrectly.

You should state in your request the financial statement documents that should be removed from the financial statements that are publicly available in our information service Virre, and why they should be removed. Please note that the revised documents are available at request if the documents are not confidential under the law.

See the mailing address for financial statements.

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Latest update 03.06.2021