How to file financial statements with tax returns

File your financial statements with your tax return online or using paper forms.

Filing tax returns is free of charge.

Please note that you must enclose the financial statements exactly as instructed by the Tax Administration. Otherwise, the financial statements will not be transferred to the Trade Register. See also “How to file" below.

When do I need to file the tax return?

File your tax return within four months from the end of the financial period.

The time limit of the tax return expires on the last day of the month, even if your company's financial period would end in the middle of the month.

Who can file the tax return?

A person authorised to act on behalf of the company files the tax return. Your company can give authorisations in the Katso service or in the authorisation service at

How to file

File your tax return online in the Tax Administration’s MyTax e-service or send a file from an accounting application at

You can file your financial statements as an enclosure with your tax return. The enclosure can consist of one or more files.

In MyTax, choose the enclosure type titled “the PRH and the Tax Administration" in the drop-down menu of the service.

In, choose the enclosure type for the document according to the “Instructions for submitting filing".

If you file your tax return using paper forms, fill in form 6B and staple your financial statement documents together with the appendix form 63 so that form 63 becomes the cover page of the financial statements.

Please note that the Tax Administration will not transfer financial statement documents on paper to the Trade Register if they are not stapled together.

Please note: The Tax Administration will not transfer financial statement documents to the Trade Register if they are not stapled together.

Which documents do I need to enclose?

Factors such as company type determine which financial statement documents are necessary.

Please note: Do not enclose any confidential data with your financial statements. All financial statements filed with the Trade Register are public and available for example from the PRH Virre Information Service.

Go to our instructions: Financial statement documents.

Where do I get more information?

Links to the MyTax e-service and paper forms are available on the Tax Administration website The Tax Administration gives advice on how to file your tax return and how to enclose your financial statement documents with it.

Go to the Finnish Tax Administration website on tax returns.

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