Ask us to do a utility model search

As a utility model applicant you can ask us to carry out a utility model search. The search results allow you to assess if your invention is new or essentially differs from previously known inventions.

A search request does not impede the processing of a utility model application. If you request a search at the same time as you file your utility model application, we will carry out the search first and after that start the registration review. Thus, you can take the search result into consideration before proceeding to registration. If necessary, you can request postponing the registration. Read more about postponement.

Search result

Based on the search, we will send you a list of possible registration obstacles. You may also ask for a separate statement of the search, in which the invention is compared to the known technique. However, the statement does not take a stand on the novelty and inventiveness of the invention. The search result and the utility model application will become public at the same time.

When the utility model has become available to the public, anyone can request a search for it.

How long does the search take?

The search takes 2-3 months.


The search and the separate statement are paid for when ordered. This is a fixed price fee, not charged by the hour. Read more in our price list.

Order a search

As the applicant of a utility model you can initially order a search and a statement by marking the appropriate boxes on the application form. The following order you can file as a written freely formed application in which you refer to this particular utility model or utility model application.

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Latest update 11.06.2019