How to file a notification


Notifications to the Trade Register are filed in Finnish or in Swedish by using forms jointly created by the Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH) and the Tax Administration. Companies can report their details on a single form to the following Registers of those two authorities:

  • the Trade Register, and

the registers kept by the Tax Administration:

  • The Prepayment Register
  • The Employer Register
  • The VAT Register, and
  • The Client Register

Clients fill in one copy of the form.
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Please note: The form contains several pages. Please fill in only the details that have changed.

How to submit notifications

Please complete the form before you print and sign it. Then send it to:

PRH -Tax Administration
Business Information System
P.O. BOX 2000
FIN-00231 Helsinki, Finland

You can also bring the notification to the PRH Client Service; the centres for economic development, transport and the environment (ELY centres); the tax offices; or the local register offices (‘maistraatti’ in Finnish), each of which provides the forms you need. You can also order forms here.

You can also file your notification electronically. Then you have to have a citizen certificate issued by the Population Register Centre and used to establish the identity of a person in electronic services. The certificate can be attached to an identity card issued by the police. This electronic identity card is called the HST card (‘HST-kortti’).

Handling fees

All notifications to the Trade Register are subject to a charge, except for changes of address or contact details, or termination of business. The fees have to be paid in advance. Please make sure that you have attached the receipt to your notification. You can also pay the fee to our Client Service, the ELY centres, or the local register offices when you submit your notification. Please note that tax offices do not accept fees.

Price List

Who signs the form

Under Section 14 of the Business Information Act, the person liable for filing of the notification, or a person authorised by him or her, also signs the notification. If an authorised person signs the notification, the original general power of attorney or a certified copy of a special power of attorney must be enclosed with the notification.


In general, notifications to the Trade Register must include evidence on the matter which the Register entry is based on (does not concern private traders). When amending Register entries, a decision taken by the body that made the amendment is required (for example, Minutes of the General Meeting when appointing a Board of Directors, or the Minutes of the Board Meeting when appointing a Managing Director).

The enclosures are submitted in one copy and they can be copies certified by one person. Extracts from the Minutes are also accepted if they are certified by at least two persons.

As a rule, the following documents must be original:

Notification form

  • Always original: the signatures on the form must be original.

Power of Attorney

  • Always original if an authorised person signs the notification.

In addition:
General partnerships and limited partnerships

  • Partnership Agreement, amendments to the Partnership Agreement
  • Original agreement on the change of company type into limited company

Limited companies and co-operatives

  • Memorandum of Association
  • Draft Terms of Division
  • In case of a combination merger, original Draft Terms of Merger.

Register extracts

On the date of registration, an updated Register extract will be sent to the company’s or contact person’s address. The extract contains all the details that are in force. If amendments were made to the Articles of Association, by-laws, or Partnership Agreement, their updated versions will also be sent along with the Register extract.

Please note: Save the Register extract to keep yourself up-to-date and to remember to file a notification when the details held at the Trade Register no longer are correct.

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