Scope of the Trade Register’s Advisory Service

In accordance with the Finnish Administrative Procedure Act, we help you with questions related to Trade Register notifications and registration:

  • How can I file a notification?
  • Which form should I use?
  • Which enclosures or documents must accompany my notification?
  • How much is the handling fee?
  • How is my matter processed and what steps does the processing include?
  • What is the status of my notification, who is in charge of the processing and how long is it estimated to take?
  • What is the significance and the judicial implications of registration?

What does our Advisory Service not do?

We do not

  • draw up documents or fill in forms
  • carry out preliminary checks of any forms or their enclosures
  • provide general advice in questions related to company law, taxation, or other legal matters.

Furthermore, our advisors cannot anticipate whether a specific notification or application is actually going to succeed. The processing of notifications always takes place in a registration process after the notification has been appropriately filed. For example, the decision on whether a company name can be registered is made during the process once the company name has become pending. Read more about company names.

Where can I get business counselling?

If you need help in other matters concerning starting up a business, such as obtaining a business licence, filing a business notification or analysing the viability of a business idea, you may find it at or at your local Enterprise Agency.

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Go to the Finnish Enterprise Agencies’ website.

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Latest update 30.11.2021