The Business Information System (BIS)

The Business Information System (BIS) is an information system jointly maintained by the Finnish Patent and Registration Office and the Finnish Tax Administration.

The system enables businesses and organisations to report their information in one single notification to both authorities.

The BIS includes businesses and organisations entered in the

  • Trade Register
  • Register of Foundations
  • VAT register
  • Prepayment Register
  • Employer Register or
  • the Client Register of the Tax Administration

The BIS also contains businesses and organisations that have filed a start-up notification, but have not yet been entered in the registers mentioned above.

The Business Identity Code

The Business ID (Business Identity Code) is a code given to businesses and organisations by the authorities. It replaces the Trade Register Number, Foundation Register Number and Business Code used before. The Business ID consists of seven digits, a dash and a control mark, i.e. it has the form 1234567-8. The code identifies the business but it is not possible to conclude on the basis of it if the business actually has been registered. That must be checked separately with the registration authorities or in the BIS Information Service (BIS Search) at

A new business will get a Business ID as soon as the authorities have entered the start-up notification in the Business Information System.

A business or an organisation entered in the Trade Register, VAT Register, Prepayment Register or Employer Register must mention the Business ID in its business letters and company forms.

Is the Business ID permanent?

The Business ID of a legal person, such as a company, remains the same as long as the legal person is operating. If the company form is changed in a way specified in the law, the Business ID remains the same, but if the activities of a general partnership are continued by a private trader, the Business ID will change. The Business IDs of individual persons are personal. Therefore, if business activities of a private trader are transferred from an entrepreneur to another, the Business ID will change. This is also the case when a company continues the business of a private trader.

Information service

BIS (Business Information Service) is a free data service jointly maintained by the PRH and the Tax Administration. It contains contact and identification information on businesses, for example

  • the company name of a business, its auxiliary company name and their translations
  • Business ID, company form and domicile
  • address and other contact information
  • principal line of business
  • the registers of the Tax Administration and the PRH where the business has been entered
  • information on termination, interruption of trade, bankruptcy, liquidation or reorganisation proceedings

Go to the Virre Information Service for detailed Trade Register information, such as the composition of a Board of Directors, or a company’s line of business and share capital. Basic details are free of charge; for other items there are fees, payable easily by e-payment or credit card.

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