Alert service

We also offer a service for the automatic monitoring of businesses or foundations.

Let us know the Business ID of the company or foundation whose register updates you wish to monitor. You may want to follow up businesses' capital or representation details, notifications pending, etc. The service sends automatic messages, informing you of the updated details; e.g., new Board members if there is a change in the company's Board of Directors. You can monitor updates of many register details, for example, capital or representation details, or notifications pending.

Fill in the following contract form and submit it to us. Let us know the Business IDs of the companies or foundations whose register updates you wish to monitor, and the changes that you wish to be alerted about by email. Please make sure that your email address is correctly spelt.

The alert service has a fixed basic fee and a change fee. Furthermore, each submission is charged by monthly invoices in arrears.

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Latest update 26.04.2017