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Trade Register data are easily accessible through our online services. Read more about our online information services in the menu.

Virre Information Service

You can use our Virre Information Service to access your company’s Trade Register extract, financial statements or organisation rules without separate agreements or registrations. You can print the selected items immediately after e-payment or payment by credit card.

If you have submitted a notification to the Trade Register, you can monitor its progress through 'Notification search'. The search also provides details of notifications that have already been processed and registered.

Run a 'Name search' to check if the company name that you are planning to adopt, or any name close to it, is still available.

Trade Register entries are published in Virre Information Service. In Virre, you can run a ‘Published entries search’ to find information, such as new businesses or changes to business details entered into the register during the same day.

Virre Information Service also provides various register information free of charge.

Go to Virre Information Service.

The Business Information System (BIS)

The Business Information System (BIS) is a joint service maintained by the Finnish Patent and Registration Office and the Finnish Tax Administration offering information on businesses, associations and foundations.

In addition to basic details of companies registered in the Trade Register, the service also provides information on other registers which companies are added to: Prepayment Register, Employer Register, VAT Register, Insurance Premium Tax Register, and Client Register of the Tax Administration.

BIS Search also includes information on entities which are not entered in the Trade Register, such as municipalities and Government agencies.

Read more about the Business Information System (BIS).

The European Business Register Service (EBR)

Through the European Business Register (EBR) service you can search for information on European businesses using the company name or company code.

Most EBR providers offer free company name searches, and the search gives you the following identification details of a company: the company name, the company code and the name of the register.

Read more about the European Business Register.

Other online services

Read more about the services of our co-operation partners.

Read more about PRH open data.

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