Content of Virre service

The Virre service provides information about companies registered at the Finnish Trade Register, enterprise mortgages, and foundations registered at the Finnish Register of Foundations. Basic details are free of charge. Extracts, certificates, and other documents, as well as comprehensive company details are subject to a fee.

Finnish Trade Register

In Virre, you can search for company information from current register entries, for example details of persons responsible for companies, articles of association of limited liability companies, partnership agreements of partnerships, and rules of co-operatives.

In Virre you can also

    • access historical details of companies, and details of closed-down businesses.
    • check if a company has notifications pending or if it has filed any applications with the Finnish Trade Register.
    • browse financial statements of companies.
    • check whether there are any enterprise mortgages registered on a company’s movable property.

The information content of the Trade Register is regulated by Finnish law. The register entries vary depending on company type. Usually, at least the following details are registered for each company type: company name, place of registered office or municipality from which the company is managed, line of business, and representative(s) for the company.

Read more about the content of the Finnish Trade Register.

Finnish Register of Foundations

In Virre, you can search for registered details of foundations, their by-laws and financial statements.
An extract from the Register of Foundations includes the following details: the foundation’s name, Business ID, place of registered office and postal address, date of grant of establishment, date of confirmation of by-laws, purpose of the foundation, board of trustees, and authorised signatories.

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Latest update 03.01.2019