Become a contract client

As a contract client, you can use the search services at reduced prices. The following searches are subject to reduced fees: company search, person search, and notification search. The discount on these services is 50%.

You become our contract client by setting up an agreement with us. In the agreement, you must name all the users who are authorised to use the service. We will create user names and passwords. Please note that all of them are personal.

Monthly invoices

To be a contract client, you pay a start-up fee and annual fees for each user name. Apart from this, the fees are based on your use of the service. Take a look at our price list to help you decide whether to enter into a contract with us.

Fill in the contract form, and send two signed copies to

Finnish Patent and Registration Office
Client Support
00091 PRH

We will return one signed copy to you, and give you the user name(s) and password(s) promptly.

Contract form (pdf, 0.12 Mb)
Printable version
Latest update 03.01.2019