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Have you found incorrect LEI data?

Let us know if you think that an LEI code we have issued to a company or an entity, or any of the related details, is incorrect. In this way, you help us make sure that the information available in our LEI Register is correct.

How to challenge

Check first that the LEI code has been issued by the PRH.

You can see LEI codes issued by the PRH in the company search on the website, which is jointly provided by the PRH and the Finnish Tax Administration. Search by the name or Finnish Business ID of the company or entity. Click on the Business ID in the search results to see the company details. The LEI details of the company or entity are shown under the Business ID history. Go to the company search at link in a new tab

If the LEI has been issued by the PRH, send an email to

Give at least the following details in your email:

  • your name
  • the LEI code or Finnish Business ID of the company or entity concerned
  • the LEI code that you think is incorrect, or any other incorrect or missing detail you want to report regarding the code.

We will process your challenge as soon as possible.

How can I update the details of my company or entity?

If the details of your company or entity are outdated or insufficient, update them in our LEI service. Go to the instructions for our LEI service.

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