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How to change the details of your LEI code

You must update the details of your LEI code in the LEI service if your details have changed, for example if the contact person or the parent entity details have changed.

To file the changes, fill in a form using our online LEI service (select ‘Update parent entity details’ on the main page) and send the form to the PRH. Go to the LEI service to update the details.Open link in a new tab

Remember to file your new invoicing address

If your invoicing address changes, you must file your new invoicing address by email to laskutus(at) You should mention in your email that you are filing the invoicing address of your LEI code. Remember also to mention the company’s name and its business ID in your message.

We will always send the invoice for the annual fee to the most recent invoicing address you have filed with the PRH. The notification of the changed invoicing address is free of charge.

Please note that the address details of your company or organisation will not be updated automatically from the BIS service to the LEI service. Therefore, a change of the invoicing address must always be filed separately to the email address above.

If your message concerning the changed invoicing address contains sensitive information, use the PRH’s secure email to send the message. Select ‘PRH Registry’ as the receiver of the message. Read the instructions and go to the secure email.

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