Preliminary examinations

The Design Rights unit carries out, against payment, so-called preliminary examinations of novelty and obstacles to manufacturing in respect of designs. These examinations are carried out to find any designs that in the actual application process would have to be taken into account as potential obstacles to registration, and the applicant is notified of these. It is to be noted, however, that applications that are secret at the time the examination is carried out are not included in the material examined. It is also to be noted that in the examination the registering authority does not take a standpoint as to whether or not the designs found would be obstacles in the processing of the application or whether they would form obstacles to manufacturing. It is up to the person who ordered the examination to decide whether it pays to seek registration for the design that is the subject of the examination or whether the design can be manufactured in spite of any discovered design.

The request for a preliminary examination of novelty or obstacles to manufacturing should be accompanied by as good and clear representations as possible. One examination may not incorporate more than one design.

The registering authority aims at carrying out the examination within a couple of days from the date the Design Rights unit receives the order. Invoice for the examination is sent concurrently with the examination result.

A form for a preliminary examination of novelty and of obstacles to manufacturing (in Finnish)

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