How to respond to office actions

The following examples explain how you can overcome the obstacles reported in office actions.

Explain what makes your design different from others

If your design is too similar to the designs referred to as obstacles in the office action, specify clearly in your response the parts where you consider your design differs from those designs.

Show what makes your design unusual or not simple

If the office action claims that your design is simple or ordinary, your response should point out the features that make the design special so that it is different from generally known designs and forms.

Get consent to register the design

In some cases, the design includes a trademark or company name that belongs to someone else. You can overcome this obstacle by getting the trademark or company name owner's consent to the registration. Submit the consent to us in writing.

Submit your response in writing

Send your response to the office action in writing either by post to Finnish Patent and Registration Office, FI-00091 PRH, Finland, or by email to

Recommended file formats

We recommend that you submit the files in the following formats:

  • Documents: PDF (preferably PDF/A, meaning an archival-quality format)
  • Illustrations: JPEG

If you use some other file format, you are responsible for converting the original files into a format we can open. 

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