Opposition proceedings in national registrations

When we receive an opposition, we check through it and, if need be, send the opponent a request to correct any formal deficiencies within a given time.

The owner of the design right is notified of the opposition and invited to give a statement on it within two months. The owner's statement is then notified to the opponent who, in turn, can also give a statement.

We continue to notify the two parties of their respective statements as long as they give statements. There is a time limit of two months for giving additional statements. When there are no more statements given, we process the opposition.

We decide on the matter based on the application documents, the opposition and the given statements.

The losing party can lodge an appeal against our decision with the Finnish Market Court, where the opposition may be rejected or the design registration may be revoked either totally or in part due to the opposition.

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Latest update 15.07.2020