Opponent's representative and power of attorney

An opponent who has neither domicile nor registered office in Finland must appoint a representative resident in the European Economic Area to represent the opponent in the opposition proceedings.

The opposition must include the representative's name, domicile or registered office and address. In addition, a power of attorney must be enclosed with the opposition.

If the power of attorney is missing, we will ask for it by sending an office action.

Owner’s representative and power of attorney

If the owner of the design right gives a statement through a representative, the representative must have authorisation.

If the representative is not registered as a representative for the design concerned, or does not have a general power of attorney at the PRH, it is necessary to enclose a power of attorney with the statement.

If the authorisation is missing, we will ask for a power of attorney by an office action.

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Latest update 24.07.2019