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How to apply to register a design

We recommend that you do not apply for registration until the design of your product is fully complete and you intend to market the product in the exact form shown in the application.

When your product is complete, you should decide the best way to register it as a design. Usually the whole product, for example a combined seat and table, is registered as a design. In some cases, however, it is wisest to only register a certain part or detail of the product instead of the whole, for example the table piece of a combined seat and table.

You can apply to register your design either by using our online application or by filling in a paper form. They are both available only in Finnish and in Swedish .

Before drawing up your application, you need to read with care

You cannot change the design after filing your application

As a rule, you cannot make changes to your design after you have filed your registration application with the PRH, i.e. after it has become pending.

Sometimes, however, you may need to modify the product after the application has become pending with some minor changes which do not alter the overall impression of the design. In such cases, we may consider approving the changes.

You cannot add new designs to your application after it has become pending.

Online applications are cheaper than paper applications

The online application form includes five steps, and you can complete it only in Finnish or in Swedish. Once you have completed the application, you will be directed to pay the application fee by online bank transfer. The person who pays the fee is considered to have signed the application. After paying the fee, you will be returned to our service where we will confirm that your application has been received.

File your application online in Finnish or in Swedish.Open link in a new tab

Paper applications can also be submitted by email

The paper application form must be signed by either you or your representative.

You can also email the application to us as an attached document. You do not need to send the original paper form, but it is important that we can see the signature on the application.

Remember to enclose a copy of the receipt for the application fee with your application.

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