Who can apply to register a design?

In principle, design right belongs to the designer, who is always a person and not a company. There may be one or several designers.

Give the name and address of the designer in your registration application.

The designer can apply to register the design. If the registration is applied for by a party other than the designer, for instance by a company, the applicant must confirm in the signature section of the application form that the design right has been transferred from the designer to the applicant.

The registration can be applied for by a single person or company, or by several persons or companies. Give the name, domicile or place of registered office, and address of each applicant. If the applicant is a private trader, use the form: ‘John Smith, John's Design -nimisen toiminimen haltijana’ in Finnish, or ‘John Smith, som innehavare av firman John's Design’ in Swedish (meaning ‘John Smith, as the owner of the company name John's Design’).

Always use the official name of the company and give the official place of registered office as entered in the Trade Register.

If there are several applicants and no representative has been appointed, indicate one of the applicants as a contact person in the application. We will send any decisions and documents concerning the application to the contact person.

Read more about having a representative when applying to register a design.

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Latest update 24.07.2019