Indication of product and product class

You must give a short and simple indication of product for your design in your registration application. The design must also be classified, but we can do it for you automatically.

How to indicate the product


  • Chair
  • Toy
  • Detail area of a bottle
  • Graphic symbol

Unacceptable indications of product

The indication of product must not contain a trademark or product name, nor any reference to the qualities of the product.


  • Chair made of birch tree
  • Plastic chair branded as Brilliant Chair

How to classify your product

Designs are categorised by their purpose of use according to an international classification list.
If your registration application includes several designs that fall in the same class, you must mark the designs with consecutive numbers.


  • 1.–5. Bottle
  • 1.–4. Bottle 5. Bottle cap

Read more about the classification.

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Latest update 24.07.2019