How to pay the application fee

You must pay an application fee when you submit your application. Otherwise the application will not become pending and we will not start processing it.

If your application is rejected or dismissed and the processing is ended, we will not refund the application fee, even if you yourself withdraw the application.

If you use the online application form available in Finnish and in Swedish, you will be directed to pay the application fee by online bank transfer once you have completed the application. After that, the application will be registered in our system. The person who pays the fee is considered to have signed the application.

In addition to the application fee, applying to register a design often requires that you pay certain additional fees depending on the number of designs, views or classes included in your application. If you only pay the application fee, you cannot register more than one design seen from one angle of view.

If you use the paper form available in Finnish and in Swedish and send it by post or bring it to our office, pay the fee in advance to our account and enclose a copy of the receipt with your application.

See our price list and payment instructions.

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Latest update 24.07.2019