Transfer of design right and change of owner

You may sell or otherwise transfer your design right to another owner.

The change in design right ownership must be recorded in the Designs Register.

How to transfer

The assignment application must contain the following details (‘assignment’ is the legal term for a transfer of ownership):

  • application or registration number of the design right
  • name, domicile or registered office, and address of the assignee
  • name, domicile or registered office, and address of the representative, if any
  • copy of a document providing proof of the transfer and the transfer date.

The application must be in either Finnish or Swedish.

Use our application form concerning a registered design (available in Finnish and in Swedish) to submit the changes. Go to the page with the application form.

Fees and payment instructions

We charge a register entry fee for recording the transfer of a registered design. Note that if you are paying for the assignment application from abroad, you must also pay any handling fees charged by your bank. See the fee in our price list and payment instructions.

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Latest update 24.07.2019