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International registrations under the Hague Agreement (WIPO)

International design registrations are registrations conducted under the Geneva Act (1999) of the Hague Agreement. The system is administered by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

Who can apply?

An international design registration under the Geneva Act of the Hague Agreement can be applied for by a national of a country that has acceded to the agreement (like Finland), or by a natural person or company with a domicile, registered office, place of residence or company in a country that has acceded to the agreement.

How can I apply?

Use a WIPO form and file the application in English, French or Spanish.

The easiest way is to file your application for an international registration online directly with WIPO. There is no need to file an application first with the PRH. Still, you can send your application to us, and we will forward it to WIPO for a delivery fee. In some cases it may be helpful to use our forwarding service, for example if you are in a hurry to get the processing started.

In the application, you must designate those of the Geneva Act member countries in which you are applying for design right protection. Your application may take effect in some of the designated member countries even if there were obstacles to the registration in others.

After WIPO has registered the application and published it in the International Designs Bulletin, the designated countries will each examine whether the design complies with the requirements for registration laid down in their respective design right laws.

How long will the registration be valid?

An international design registration is valid for five years from the date of registration. It can be renewed at least twice and possibly more times depending on the legislation of the designated countries.

You can renew your registration with WIPO via a centralised system, so you do not need to do it separately in each designated country.

Which countries are covered by the registration?

The registration covers the countries that you have designated in your application and that have approved and validated the design. The Geneva Act (1999) of the Hague Agreement is in effect in about 69 countries. New countries join the system every now and then.

See the current member countries on the WIPO website.Open link in a new tab

What does it cost?

The fees charged by WIPO and each individual country are listed in Swiss francs on the WIPO website.

Instructions on the WIPO website

Go to WIPO’s instructions on how to file your application.Open link in a new tab

International Designs Bulletin

Information about published international design registrations can be found in the bulletin issued by WIPO. Go to the International Designs Bulletin.Open link in a new tab

Hague Express Database

The details of designs that have been recorded in the international designs register maintained by WIPO are available in the Hague Express Database. Go to Hague Express.Open link in a new tab

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