Renew your design registration every five years

Your design registration will remain valid for five years from the date of application. The registration can be renewed every five years until the maximum term of 25 years.

Watch out for misleading invoices

You can renew the registration

  • not earlier than one year before it expires, and
  • not later than six months after it expires.

If you do not renew the registration until after the expiry date, you will have to pay a higher renewal fee.

How to renew your registration

You can renew you design registration in two different ways:

  • by filing a renewal application (in Finnish or in Swedish)
  • by paying a renewal fee.

Renewal application (in Finnish or in Swedish)

If you want to change the details entered into the Designs Register, file a renewal application in writing. Read more about filing changes.

We will send you a certificate of the renewed registration.

Apply to renew your registration by using a paper form. Go to the forms.

Renewal fee

If the details in the Designs Register are up to date, you can renew the registration by paying a renewal fee and any additional fees required. Make sure it is clear which registration you are paying the fees for.

We will not send you or your representative a certificate of the renewal by payment, but you will be able to see the renewal in our Design Database

Ulkoinen sivusto, avautuu uuteen välilehteen
as soon as it has been registered.

See the fees in our price list and payment instructions.

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Latest update 31.05.2022