Price list for examinations and information searches as from 1 January 2020

These commercial fees include VAT 24%.

The orderer will be invoiced for the preliminary examination fees.

For further details, please contact our Advisory Service.

Fees relating to preliminary examination of designs

Service Basic price (€) VAT 24%Selling price (€)
Basic fee 65.00 15.6080.60
Fee for each additional class (also for each subclass) 33.00 7.9240.92

Other fees

Service Basic price (€) VAT 24%Selling price (€)
Certificate for the list of professional representatives maintained by EUIPO (Article 78(5) of Regulation No. 6/2002 on Community designs) 50.00 12.0062.00
Consultation, per hour 75.00 18.0093.00
Separate services relating to registered designs/hour 52.00 12.4864.48
Certificate based on design files 18.00 4.3222.32
Monitoring Ask for offer

Additional charges for delivery and invoicing (VAT % varies according to document)

Service Basic price (€) VAT 24%Selling price (€)
Delivery charge 5.50 1.326.82
Invoicing charge 6.50 1.568.06
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Latest update 22.04.2020