Design Gazette

New registered designs are published in the Design Gazette. Once a design is registered, the registration is published automatically. This means we can publish new registrations every day.

The opposition period of two months begins on the publication date of the registration.

The Design Gazette is published in an information service online. The service replaces the PDF gazettes we previously published once a month.

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Ulkoinen sivusto, avautuu uuteen välilehteen

Descriptions of the country codes used in the Design Gazette are available in a document published by WIPO.

Previously published Design Gazettes

Until 15 August 2022, the Design Gazette was published once a month. Issues 02/2016–8/2022 of the Gazette are available in the archive of the Industrial Property Gazette service in PDF format.

Issues of the Design Gazette up to No. 01/2016 are only available at the Finnish Patent and Registration Office in PDF format. Contact our customer service for more information and for copies of these gazettes.

Before 2005, the Design Gazette (ISSN 0355-4481) was published only on paper. The Gazettes are now available at the Finnish Patent and Registration Office and at the National Library of Finland.

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Latest update 16.08.2022