Advisory service

You can ask for advice by telephone, mail, e-mail or by visiting our office in person. All discussions with our customer service staff are confidential.

Advisory service 029 509 5855
Design classification matters 029 509 5258

Application forms and instructions are available on these pages. You can also order them at 029 509 5855.

Scope of advisory service

The design rights advisory service pays special attention to the equality and impartial treatment of its customers. Thus, we give general advice in matters concerning the application procedure, such as the novelty and individual character of the registration. In addition, we answer questions concerning the filing of an application, fees, and the handling procedure with its different phases. We also inform our customers of the legal effects of registration, the expected processing time and the current status of the application.

However, it is not the duty of the advisory staff at the Design Rights Unit to fill in forms or draw up documents for their customers. Furthermore, the advisory staff cannot anticipate whether an individual application is actually going to pass, because the application will be handled only after it has been filed. Thus, for example the individual character of a design is always decided upon in the actual handling of the application.

Infringement of a design right

Possible infringements, designs disputes or, for example, questions concerning the import or advertising of products or other legal questions cannot be commented on by our advisory service staff. In order to get help in these situations you can, for example, consult an agent specialised in design questions.

Design disputes are handled by the District Court of Helsinki. If someone infringes the right to a design, he may be restrained by Helsinki District Court from continuing or repeating such act. The violator can be judged to reasonable compensation for the use of the design, as well as compensation for any further damage caused by the infringement, if the infringement has been intentional or negligent. Intentional infringement of a design is punishable by fine or even imprisonment.

Community designs

In matters concerning community designs we give general advice on, for example, how to file your application and on the process in general. We forward your application to EUIPO upon request and payment of a fee. However, if you need information on a specific application or case, or if you wish to ask more detailed questions, you should contact EUIPO directly.

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