Renewal of industrial designs

Renewal of design registration is possible without any written application. Any payment related to the renewal of registration can be directly sent to our bank account number IBAN FI2616603000111131, SWIFT: NDEAFIHH (Nordea Bank in Finland). Kindly note that the name of the holder of the design right and the registration number always must be included as reference in the payment and the payment is correct including all the bank costs. Please also note that the payment must include only renewal of design (not trademarks or patents).

A written application including a petition for renewal, the registration number and the name of the holder of the design right is demanded if the holder or the name of the holder of the design right has been changed or if any other information in the design right register should be corrected, appropriate documentation regarding it must be included in the application. The registration may be renewed by the holder of the design right or by anyone who the holder may appoint as an agent. If the renewal application is made by an agent, the power of attorney always has to be presented. In case the renewal application is not complete, the Designs Division will issue a written notice with two month´s reply period. Please note that these notices are mainly written in Finnish, that being the official language of the Finnish Patent and Registration Office.

The renewal fees must be paid one year before the expiration of a current period of registration at the earliest and six months after the expiration at the latest. However, the penalty fee of 55 euro must be paid when the fees are paid (and the application if needed is made) after the expiration. The registration is valid for 5 years calculated always from the date the application was filed in Finland and it can be renewed for four further periods of 5 years.

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Latest update 30.12.2014