Apply for a national patent in Finland

In Finland, you file your patent application with the Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH). Contact us to apply for a national Finnish patent. Our office is also an international patent authority – so we recommend you contact us when you need patent protection outside of Finland

1. Make sure that your invention is new and inventive
2. File your patent application
3. The PRH carries out a formal examination
4. The PRH assesses the patentability of your invention
5. The PRH grants a patent
6. Remember to pay the annual fees

Before you apply for a patent

  1. Do not reveal your invention or make your invention public.
  2. Carry out a patent search to see what kind of similar inventions or solutions already exist.
  3. Prepare an application by using the instructions on this website, or use a patent attorney or agent to prepare an application for you. Please note that if you are not domiciled in Finland, you must have an agent or attorney who lives in the European Economic Area. Read more about patent agents and attorneys.

Read more about how to apply for a patent at the PRH.

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Latest update 06.05.2021