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Change of the applicant's or holder's name, address, place of residence or registered office

It is important to file all changes to the applicant’s or holder’s name, address, and place of residence (domicile) or registered office with the Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH).

The request to change must include:

  • The patent or application number
  • The changed details, i.e. the applicant’s or holder’s new name or company name, address, place of residence or registered office
  • The applicant’s or holder’s signature and date

Foreign applicants or holders must also file a copy of a document indicating the new name, such as an identity card or a Trade Register extract. We can verify the details of Finnish people or companies using data in the Population Information System or the PRH registers.

There is no charge for filing changes to names or addresses.

How to file the changes

File the changes with the PRH in writing. You can send the notification and enclosures to the PRH Registry by post, email or secure email. You can also hand in the documents at the PRH customer service point.

See the contact details for the PRH Registry.

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