Patent Advisory Service

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Fax +358 29 509 5328 (Registry)

Please note: Your fax machine may pose an information security risk. Should you have any doubt at all about your machine’s data security, we recommend that you do not use it.

Email: advice.patents(at)

Please note: Send only messages of general nature or requests for secure email to this email address. Read more.

Finnish Patent and Registration Office
Patent Advisory Service
P.O.Box 1160
FI-00101 Helsinki, Finland

Ask for advice

You can ask for advice by phone, letter or email, or visit our office. It is possible to make an appointment, but this is not absolutely necessary.

Discussions with the Patent Advisory Service staff are confidential.

Our staff can help when you need general answers to questions similar to these:

  • What kinds of inventions can be patented or protected by a utility model?
  • What is needed to form an application?
  • How is the application processed at the Patent Office?
  • How do I apply for a patent abroad?
  • What are the contents of the Patents or Utility Model Act, Decree or Instructions?
  • The patent classification (helps to find out the right patent class)
  • Data searches in free online databases (Espacenet, PatInfo Patent Register, FI-EP Register etc.)

Let us do a search for you

Our examiners are experts in information retrieval in all fields of technology. They can help you in different information needs by doing searches like:

  • prior art searches
  • novelty searches
  • invalidity searches
  • monitoring competitors or technical fields

Read more about our search services.

Secure email

If your matter is confidential, even to the slightest extent, ask the above email address to send you a message for secure email. Use a headline such as: “Request: Message for secure email". You will receive an https-secured email message. Present your matter by replying to this message. When you use this email connection, your message will be more secure from any parties that spy on email. You can reply to the message within two weeks, which means you can request for one well in advance, and use it several times during the two weeks.

Communication with our Patent Advisory Service staff is always confidential.