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Fees for search services

The fees for our search services and other products subject to VAT are based on decisions taken by the Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH) under a decree of the Finnish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.

The search services are paid against invoice. Therefore, give an invoicing address and your personal identity code, Finnish Business ID or VAT number in your order.

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These commercial fees include VAT 24%.

Hourly charged searches

Novelty search, report on the state of the art, freedom to operate report, validity search and information search, with an hourly charge.

Service Basic price (€) VAT 24 % Selling price (€)
Basic fee 170.00 40.80 210.80
Fee for work per hour 130.00 31.20 161.20

Online preliminary examination of the invention

Service Basic price (€) VAT 24 % Selling price (€)
Basic fee, includes 90 minutes of examination 325.00 78.00 403.00
Additional fee for each extra 15 minutes of examination after the 90 minutes included in the basic fee 32.50 7.80 40.30

Fixed-price searches and additional services

Service Basic price (€) VAT 24 % Selling price (€)
Fixed-price novelty search 950.00 228.00 1178.00
Patentability report 950.00 228.00 1178.00
Comment on the contents of cited documents 325.00 78.00 403.00
Video conference per hour 130.00 31.20 161.20
Copies of documents, per file 5.00 1.20 6.20

Invoicing and delivery charge

Invoicing charge is added to the price of all services.

Service Basic price (€) VAT 24 % Selling price (€)
Invoicing charge 6.50 1.56 8.06
Delivery charge (for delivery by post) 5.50 1.32 6.82

In addition, you can order other search services from our Patent Advisory Service, for example:

  • name search, for a report on the patent applications and patents of a company or private person in different countries
  • patent family search, for a report on the countries where patent protection has been sought for the same invention
  • international monitoring of competitors, for checking at regular intervals and by agreement what patent and utility model applications your business competitors have filed, if the applications have resulted in patents etc.
  • monitoring of domestic patent applications, for monitoring the patent applications of a selected company in Finland or the patent applications filed within a specific technical field.

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