Request for PPH

These instructions apply to making a PPH request to the PRH. When making a request to another office, check the instructions from the respective office's website.

You can request accelerated PPH processing at the PRH by filling in a request form and following the guidelines in the table below.

PRH PPH request (pdf, 0.26 Mt)
Please do as follows: save a copy of the appropriate PPH request form, fill it in with applicable information, and send it to the PRH either in a letter or online by using the Epoline Online Filing software.


  • PPH requests to the PRH are free of charge
  • You can request the PPH at any stage of the proceedings, as long as the PRH has not yet issued a final decision.
  • You can make corrections to the PPH request. If there are deficiencies in the request, our examiner will notify you with a letter.
  • After the PPH status is granted to the application, the processing will be accelerated to the final decision.

For further information, contact our consulting engineers .

PPH guidelines

Apart from the pilot programs, all agreements are valid until further notice

Office Request to PRH Request to other offices

DPMA, Germany


pilot ending 1 Jan. 2016

PRH guideline for DE Filers (pdf, 0.17 Mt) DPMA Guideline for FI filers (pdf, 0.04 Mt)

IPO-CZ, the Czech Republic


PRH guideline for CZ Filers (pdf, 0.13 Mt) IPO-CZ Guideline for FI filers (pdf, 0.17 Mt)
SIPO, China
PRH guideline for CN Filers (pdf, 0.18 Mt) SIPO Guideline for FI filers (pdf, 0.38 Mt)


APO, Austria

CIPO, Canada

DKPTO, Denmark

ELS, Iceland

HPO, Hungary

ILPO, Israel

INPI, Portugal

IP Australia, Australia

IPOS, Singapore

JPO, Japan

KIPO, Republic of Korea

NIPO, Norway

NPI, Nordic Patent Institute

PRV, Sweden


SPTO, Spain

UKIPO, United Kingdom


PRH Global PPH guideline (pdf, 0.16 Mt) GPPH guidelines on the GPPH portal