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Services and databases

It is important for successful businesses to start using new technology more quickly and effectively than their competitors. Patent publications are essential for keeping up with new technologies, and are available in online databases. In the left-hand menu, the Free databases page includes links to the most important databases that can be used free of charge.

Searching for information can be a difficult and time-consuming task. You also need to know foreign languages to conduct a comprehensive search. An alternative to conducting a novelty search on your own is to let us do it for you. We have more than 100 patent search specialist, whose work includes information retrieval.

Our patent search services are listed below. Click the name of the service to read more. Information on the parts the services play in the product cycle is provided above the services.

Ideas for new solutions and product development as a product cycle stage:

Protection by means of patents, utility models, design and trademarks as a product cycle stage:

Manufacture, sales and marketing as a product cycle stage:

Supervision and feedback as a product cycle stage:

The image below shows our services and the parts they play in the product cycle.

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