Online publication and search services

Below is a list of publication and search services available online. The databases subject to a charge can only be accessed via the intranet of the Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH), but the free databases are available for everyone.

Databases subject to a charge

Academic Search Elite is a multidisciplinary database with fields including natural sciences, technology, social sciences and humanities. The database mainly contains electronic scientific journals, many of which are available as full-text articles.

ACM Digital Library contains references to and full-text versions of all articles published by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), and references to other important publications about information technology and computing.

ACS American Chemical Society is an extensive databank about chemistry, biochemistry, biotechnology, environmental technology and food chemistry.

EDS Ebsco Discovery Service is a search portal for non-patent literature (NPL).

Elektra is a database maintained by the University of Helsinki, containing articles from Finnish scientific journals. Articles have been stored in the database since 1996.

Elsevierin Science Direct is a wide-ranging database containing publications about natural sciences, medicine, engineering, economics, social sciences and environmental science, as well as arts and humanities.

Emerald contains electronic journals about social sciences, economics, and technology. The database also includes electronic books and the like, but the library has no licence for them.

Encyclopædia Britannica is a website containing the encyclopaedia and, for example, the Merriam-Webster dictionary and thesaurus, a world atlas and a tool for comparing different countries.

GNPD Global New Products Database is a wide-ranging, high-quality database providing information about products on the market all over the world.

IEEE Xplore Digital Library provides access to full-text publications of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and its partners. The database focuses on electronics, electrical engineering and information technology.

Lääkärin tietokannat (Terveysportti) is a basic collection of Finnish medical information, including the EBM Guidelines database and an electronic archive of the Duodecim journal (in Finnish).

Paperbase is a Swedish database about pulping, paper making and the forestry industry.

Media-arkisto is an electronic search service provided by Alma Media for news in Finnish regional newspapers, evening papers and financial newspapers from different times.

Peri+ is a service containing digitised volumes of Finnish scientific journals from the late 1800s onwards.

SpringerLINK is a database with electronic journals and books about medicine, natural sciences, social sciences, and technology. contains current Finnish legislation, tax treaties, government proposals, case law, European Union legislation and e-books.

Terminologian tietokannat (Terveysportti) contains medical terminologies, such as Lääketieteen termit (in Finnish), and a Finnish-English medical dictionary.

Wiley Online Library is an interdisciplinary collection of publications about medicine, natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, technology, biosciences and chemistry.

Free databases

ARTO is a reference database of Finnish journal articles. The material is the most extensive from 1990s onwards, but there are also plenty of references to older articles.

KitiNet is our own book database where all the printed publications in the library have been catalogued.

MELINDA is a joint database for Finnish university libraries, containing the Finnish National Bibliography and reference data about the materials in the university libraries, the Library of Parliament, the National Repository Library, and the Library of Statistics.

Standard Industrial Classification TOL 2008 contains the new classification of companies’ lines of business, valid from the beginning of 2009.

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