Has inventor Sam Smith or Acme Ltd applied for a patent in Finland? Has a patent been granted? Is the time for filing an opposition still running? Is the patent still in force? Does the patent cover, besides the machine, also the method? Has Company A transferred the patent to Company B or someone else? When is the renewal fee due and how much is it?

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Contents of service

The database contains basic data, procedural status, validity and payment information on Finnish

  • patent applications filed since 1970 (kind codes FI A0, A, B and C), and
  • utility model applications filed since 1992 (kind codes FI U0 and U).
  • applications for supplementary protection certificates (SPC)
  • Please note that no data is available concerning unpublished patent applications filed in 1970-1978.
  • On 2 January 2013 all the information on utility models stored in the Utility Model Net database was transferred to the PatInfo search service.

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