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The operating environment of the Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH) was still affected by Finland's economic recession. Our finances nonetheless remained on budget, and our profitability continued to grow in line with our financial target.

Our 2015 efficiency target was to promote new and growing business operations. We sought to achieve this target through well-functioning registration practices for companies and organisations, and competent and fast handling of applications for intellectual property rights (IPR).

Our online services saw positive development. We partially reached our targets for processing times, and did remarkably well in the registration of associations. Processing within the Trade Register was also faster in comparison to the previous year. The average processing time of patent applications increased due to the processing of applications that had been pending for a long time. On the other hand, we were able to shorten the time taken to process the first Office Action.

We continued our efforts to keep the registers better up to date. We also actively participated in the preparation of the amendment of the Trade Register Act, a process that continues in 2016. Our most important international efforts included our participation in the preparation of the unitary patent, and information system development with the European Trademark and Design Office.

Client satisfaction remained high. We started a project to develop our overall management and selection of services. We also implemented a management model for major IPR customer accounts, which has already yielded promising results.

Our employee work satisfaction rose in comparison to previous years, reaching an all-time high for the period since the survey began. Employees were also satisfied with leadership within the PRH.

Organisational changes continued. Sector-independent ICT services and the persons providing them transferred to the Government ICT Centre Valtori. At the beginning of September, the registration of housing companies and 17 individuals were transferred to the PRH from local register offices. Preparations were also made to transfer auditor oversight duties and personnel to the PRH. In November, we launched preparations for a new result area that will combine the duties of the Patents and Innovations Line and the Trademarks and Designs Line. The new result area will begin operating in May 2016.

Rauni Hagman

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