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Message from the Director General

The level of activity in the operating environment of the Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH) increased slightly, which manifested as a larger number of trademark applications and, to some extent, Trade Register notifications. However, demand for national patient applications decreased slightly. Updated legislation concerning association and foundation issues increased the number of notifications considerably.

Our finances developed favourably, and we achieved the targets set for the productivity of work and the cost-effectiveness of operations.

The processing times were in line with the targets, with the exception of national patents. Their processing times were affected by the clearing of the backlog of patent applications that had been pending for a long time. Processing times in the Trade Register and Register of Associations decreased. This is a particularly good achievement considering that, at the same time, the number of notifications increased by twenty per cent.

Digitalisation plays a key role in the development of the Finnish Patent and Register Office’s processes and services. During the report year, we launched new online services and created interfaces to the public administration’s Data Exchange Layer. The general online notification service for companies was successfully launched early in 2016, and the Name Checking Service for companies in November. Online initiation of notifications and applications is increasing and, on average, in line with the targets.

Clients contacted us more frequently than before. Their satisfaction with our services even increased slightly from the previous year. We introduced a new client-driven operating model in the digitalisation of services, aiming for an excellent client experience.

We participated actively in the preparation of legislation. In the working group for the comprehensive reform of the Trade Register Act, we proposed means for streamlining the registration process. The amended Associations Act entered into force as expected, so that we were able to start deregistering inactive associations in 2016. In addition, we prepared the comprehensive reform of the Patent Act and participated in the work of the working group preparing the reform of the Trademarks Act.

The personnel’s job satisfaction remained high and nearly unchanged from 2015, which was the year with the highest measured score in the PRH’s history.

Organisational changes took place also in 2016. Auditor oversight was launched as a new function. In the spring, we merged two intellectual property rights (IPR) functions, each of which used to constitute a separate result area, to form the new Patents and Trademarks result area. On the basis of the amendment to the Copyright Act, we prepared supervision of the collective management of copyright, which became our responsibility at the beginning of 2017.

Rauni Hagman

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