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Message from the Director General

In 2014, we completed several major IT system projects and launched new online services. We adopted a new processing system in issues relating to the Trade Register and enterprise mortgages, enabling paperless processing, automated solutions, and shorter processing times. We also introduced a new processing system in trademarks.

In co-operation with the Finnish Tax Administration, we opened a service for limited liability companies and housing companies where changes in members of boards of directors can be notified online. We also launched an open data service where details of limited liability companies and co-operatives stored in the Finnish Business Information System (BIS) as well as data stored in our information service on published entries are available for public use via a new interface.

Important changes took place in foundation matters too. The Finnish Act on Supervision Fees for Foundations entered into force right at the beginning of the year. The supervision fee will allow us to develop and enhance the supervision of foundations. The revenue from fees will also enable us to cover the costs incurred from the supervision.

A number of changes took place in our operations during the year. An industrial property attorney board began operating in conjunction with our office. The board organises examinations for attorneys and grants authorisation, and we maintain a register of authorised industrial property attorneys.

We also restructured our organisation in such a way that association and foundation affairs merged with our Enterprises and Corporations Line at the beginning of 2015. Employee co-operation negotiations relating to the restructuring were conducted in autumn. The negotiations affected approximately 120 employees and resulted in the reduction of 26 jobs and the dismissal of nine employees. The main reason for the reduction in jobs was the new online access and processing systems automating our manual processes.

In collaboration with the Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy and the local register offices we prepared a transfer of tasks from local authorities to our office – all notifications to the Trade Register or to the Register of Associations will be processed at the PRH from 1 September 2015.

Finland’s economic situation was reflected in our operations. The number of applications and registrations decreased in the Trade Register and in patents and trademarks. The number of notices and notifications in association and foundation related issues remained unchanged.

The processing time for Trade Register notifications fell short of the target mainly because it was not possible to register notifications in connection with the introduction of the new processing system in May. The processing time for national patent applications also fell short of the target. The reason for this was the completion of applications and decisions that had undergone a long processing. Processing times in association-related issues, however, have been significantly shorted. Likewise, the time taken to issue the first patent office action has shortened, which clients had desired.

In spite of the challenges in the environment, the clients have rated our work and services as good. Similarly, the staff has been satisfied with their work, workplace atmosphere and the PRH as an employer.

Rauni Hagman

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