About the Trademark Register

The Trademark Register at the Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH) contains entries about national trademarks applied for and registered in Finland.

In addition, the register contains information about international registrations under the Madrid Protocol designating Finland. These registrations actually belong to a register of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

The Trademark Register contains details of about 170,000 registered or pending trademarks. About 50,000 of them are international trademarks designating Finland.

We publish statistics on registered trademarks. See our trademark statistics.

Information filed with the register is public

The Trademark Register is a public register, and anyone is entitled to obtain information about the entries made in the register. As a rule, this principle of public access also applies to all applications and enclosed documents filed in trademark matters.

The Trademark Register also contains personal data

The Trademark Register’s privacy statement describes the essential facts about the processing of personal data in the register. These include the register’s purpose of use, the data to be collected, and the rights of those entered into the register. In addition, the privacy statement explains how details are disclosed from the register. Read the privacy statement for the Trademark Register.

Information about trademarks

The information in the Trademark Register is available free of charge through searches in our Trademark Information Service. The service contains basic details of pending national trademark applications and valid registrations in Finland, and of international registrations under the Madrid Protocol designating Finland. Read more about our Trademark Information Service and other information services for trademarks.

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Latest update 17.12.2020